Scientific Researches

Ltd. SRI TS «Pilot» was founded in 1992 as a research institute. The main purpose of its research activities since its foundation until now is creation of a technological advance in various technical systems development and related information platforms for industry through the integration of the physical and chemical technical processes fundamental knowledge, modern research platforms and technical devices development in the pilot productions format.

Main directions of science research and practical activities:

  1. Measuring systems.
    • Research and development of magnetometric and gravimetric measuring transformer with high metrological and operation capabilities.
    • Developing and adapting of geophysical measuring transformers in drilling process.
    • Developing flow meter of drilling mud at the base of induction sensor.
    • Developing heat-resistant bore hole measuring devices.
    • Developing theory of metrological provision of inclinometer transformers.
  2. Communications paths bottom hole- surface
    • Improvement of hydraulic communication path to reduce sizes of bottom hole equipment.
    • Developing acoustic communication path with purpose of commercializing.
  3. Ground control system of technological settings.
  4. Developing technical aids for exploitation in multilayer wells.
  5. Automation of managing decision making
    • Research and development of mathematical , algorithmic and software solutions for automated secession making in well drilling process
    • Developing mathematical models of the drilling tool movement.
    • Developing of mathematical and software solutions for forecasting of drilling trajectory of drilling tools.
    • Development designed methods of expert systems based on system modeling.

The results of the «Pilot» staff scientific activity are reflected in the more than 50 patents, certificates for inventions, utility models and licenses for software products.

Work experience of our experts in the fieldof scientific research for the oil andgas industry is more than 20 years. Innovation projects and specific products have been successfully implemented in the oil and gas industry.