For directional surveying and navigation we use Measurement While Drilling (MWD) system. Data is transmitted to the surface via positive pulse - short-time drops of mud pressure produced by the MWD system.

In addition to directional surveying, our MWD system also helps us to perform the following measurements:

  • Gamma-logging; 
  • Directional gamma-logging (measures the natural radioactivity of formations in a specific direction); 
  • Resistivity logging while drilling with tool sizes of 95 mm, 121 mm or 171 mm. 

Advantages of the MWD system:  

  • High accuracy of measurements; 
  • High-speed data transmission that helps to reduce time required for surveying;
  • Wide range of mud flow rates;
  • Wireline retrievable to minimize the risk of being lost in the well;
  • Low battery consumption resulting in fewer trips and reduced battery expenditures;
  • Unique and innovative rotary-to-linear drive system eliminates inefficient and failure prone solenoids.