Основные направления нашей деятельности

    • drilling engineering support
      Our engineers directional drilling have more than ten years of experience, covering a wide geography of Russian deposits, and knowledge of the specifics of the drilling in various regions of the country.


    • telemetry tracking drilling directional and horizontal oil and gas wells (MWD)
      Our professionals, having as a tool for effective TV that ensure fast, accurate and high-quality wiring holes. In addition to monitoring the directional drilling company "SRI TC" Pilot "provides electric log (resistivity) using leased resistivity APS production company.


    • service maintenance
      The industrial base of our company is all you need for fast and high-quality service and a downhole telemetry system equipment such as downhole motors, ensuring reliability and efficiency of the equipment.


    • ease Telesystems and downhole equipment
      Together with the telemetry system, we also provide you with the necessary supplies, as well as full information support for the use of CCTV.


    • implementation of downhole telemetry systems Tensor
      Our telemetry system differs quality, reliability, efficiency, Long service intervals and ground equipment reliability and simplicity of its installation.


    • leasing of field staff
      Engineers for directional drilling of our company guarantee the quality of services for wiring holes.

    • services on construction of profiles of wells
      well experienced design engineers working in the state of our company. With the help of modern computer tools, they are doing their job at the highest level.