Cable telemetric system for controlling of well drilling «Pilot BP26-02»


Cable telemetric system for controlling of well drilling in preset trajectory «Pilot BP26-02» is intended to work with standard single-core geophysical cable GK1x0,75-28-130 with length under 5000 meters (or any other cable with similar specification).

Monitoring system provides

  1. Measuring angle setting of well trajectory
  2. Measuring of temperature
  3. Measuring vibration levels
  4. Determining angle of deviation of the machinery
  5. Calculating trajectory of the well and readout of the forecast of its trajectory
  6. Controlling fidelity of angle setting changes with respect to forces of gravity and intensity of magnetic field of Earth

Measured setting

  1. Magnetic azimuth 0…360 degrees
  2. Zenithal angle 0…180 degrees
  3. Whipstock orientation angle 180 degrees
  4. Temperature 0…120 degrees centigrade
  5. Mechanical acceleration along longitudinal and transverse axes, g 50
  6. Determining cable current drain of nominal current consumption (including damage to cable insulation) up to 30%
  7. Determining vector modulus tension of magnetic field of Earth (in relative units)
  8. Screening of measured value of gravity vectors’ magnitude (in relative units)

System components

  1. Land-based interface unit (compatible with IBM AT). Dimension (355 х 275 х 120) mm, weight under 7.5 kg
  2. Well Lag sonde. Dimension (diameter 35 х 2080) mm, weight 5 kg
  3. Drill-operator panel. Dimension (260 х 220 х 70) mm, weight 5 kg