Lag IEL-3 (IEL-2M2)

Electronic induction Lag IEL-3 (IEL-2M2) measures speed relative to aqua environment and purposed to use on ships and vessels with unrestricted region of sailing. Lag IEL-3 is improvement of well known and proven device IEL-2M and is build on modern microprocessor-base with interface on international code NMEA 0183 (IEC 1162-1) on RS232/422, providing its onnectivity to existing registration and integrated navigational systems. Lag IEL-3 consists of:

  • Velocity sensor – build based on induction methods of measuring relative speed in electro conductive liquids (sensor used from IEL-2M).
  • Velocity transducer - microprocessor unit insures processing of changes, transmitting them to central unit.
  • Head unit – build on the basis of specialized microprocessor unit, which calculates required speed and stores path blueprints, providing measured information repeater and other systems to server their maintenance functions. Insure Lags control, inputting path corrections and resetting counter of drilled distance.
  • Repeater - microprocessor-based indicators which are connected in serial interface to the head unit to display velocity and/or traveled distance.